Produce  pineapple MD2 with high  quality, practicing a good agriculture managing, friendly  with enviroment with a good relationship with our workers and customers based in a Fair Trade Certification

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Crown Pineapple

We produce and pack pineapple from sizes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 according to specifications and requirements of our customers, monitoring the quality in each moment

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Crownless Pineapple

We pack crownless pineapple for customers as a process industry that transform it into jelly, juice, etc ... with requested specifications

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Desde 1993‌‌

Producing sweet pineapple with fair rules

Tropical Fruit Co, produces and exports pineapple since 2008 always differentiated by obtaining a very high brix, taking advantage of geographical position, luminosity, etc ..., we work closely with a friendly and sustainable management with the environment, we have beautiful rivers within the plantations that We strive to keep pollution free, which has led us to obtain Fair Trade certification, so we also ensure the well-being of our employees and characterizes honest and transparent business relationships with our customers. We are the only ones in Panama certified in Fair Trade under contract work. In Sept. 2016 we obtained by the Ministry of Trade and Industry award to the exporter with Corporate Social Responsibility.


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